Praying for our Nation - every Thursday 7.00-8.00am POSTPONED

Prayer every Thursday morning 7-8am at C-HOP  & Join with ICEJ call to Pray for Israel & the Return of the King

PRAY for the Nation, Souls and Discipleship 

Facilitated by Dr Tim O'Neill and Team

Focus on Covenant Blessing Prayer for Israel & Marriage.
Continue to Worship God in FIRST PLACE
Prayer for Australia:

I ask for Australia

I call her by name
I present her to the Father
In Jesus Name
May she not be found wanting
May she not be found ashamed
When she stands before You Lord on that Great Judgement Day

Preparing the way for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Canberra & Australia- see ongoing Prayers below

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Ongoing Prayer Strategy

Our key focus for the day and following is to exalt JESUS and pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit as found in Acts chapter two so that we can be empowered to share the good news of JESUS with everyone. The foundational goal of the National Day of Prayer and Fasting is revival and transformation for Australia and for churches to grow and for people to find Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

  1. Adoration, Worship & Thanksgiving - Welcoming the King of Kings and Lord of Lords into our gathering. Key Scripture: Psalm 24:7. We will say the Lord’s Prayer together: Matthew 6:9-18. Then we encourage the adults and children who are present to lead and set the pattern for the day.
  2. Repentance the Key to an Outpouring of the Holy Spirit - We will ask God to reveal specific areas to repent of personally, that the church needs to repent of and that we need to repent of on behalf of our nation. It is important for us to walk in forgiveness. Prayer is always the starting point, and repentance the foundation. Key Scripture: 2 Chronicles 7:14.
  3. Praying for the Seven Spheres of Society - To truly transform any nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, these seven spheres of society must be reached: Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment, and Business. To understand our Christian History causes faith to rise in us and empowers our prayers. Australia’s secular society is moving us further and further away from our Godly roots. That is why we must pray that revival and transformation will take place in each of these spheres so that we can live in peace and prosperity. Key Scriptures: Psalm 112, Psalm 37.
  4. Praying for Leaders - We will pray for each of the leaders and those in authority in our nation. Included in our guide is a list of all the federal parliamentarians so that you can pray for them by name. Pray also for your State and Local Council leaders. Pray that our governmental leaders will have a revelation of JESUS and His love for them. We will also pray for local and regional church leaders, including those key church leaders listed in this document. Pray and honour Indigenous Leaders. Pray for young Godly leaders to arise in the church and in all facets of society. Please use resource. Key scriptures: Colossians 1:9-14; Ephesians 3:14-21; Isaiah 11:2-3
  5. Celebrating Our Unity in Christ - John 17 - Celebrating our Unity in Christ with a focus on repentance for the hurt caused by church leaders to each other, the wider Body of Christ and the broader community who want to come to Christ but are offended by the disunity amongst Christians and between the different denominations. Ephesians 4:13; John 17:23; Psalm 133:1
  6. JESUS is Lord Prayer Declaration Revival and transformation comes to hearts that are ready and consecrated and hungry for JESUS. Hearts that delight themselves in the Lord and in His Word. We are praying for Australians to receive JESUS as their Lord and Saviour and see their lives and relationships restored and healed. Thank you for praying for our nation of Australia!

Ten Point Prayer Plan from the National PF leadership team:

1. Revival and transformation for Australia by an outpouring of the Holy Spirit all over our nation.

2. Great harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God with an increase of labourers in the harvest field.

3. New generation of young prayer warriors and evangelists to arise.

4. Blessing and encouragement for Jerusalem, Israel and its Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, after his visit to Australia - forging ongoing trade and other relationships with Australia.

5. An end to abortion and PTL for the recent annulment of proposed abortion law reform in Queensland.

6. God will protect marriage and family from redefinition in our nation.

7. Freedom to preach the Gospel in Australia 

8. God will raise up First Nation Leaders and also provide $1 million to build the cross and Ministry Centre at Haasts Bluff, Central Australia.

9. Hope and healing for sexual abuse victims, including the 98% of those abused in non-church settings. Completion of Humble Hope documentary. $1 million needed for project and resources.

10. A blessing on all parliamentarians, state and federal, on all sides of politics. In particular, we pray for Senator Eric Abetz's wife, stricken with terminal cancer, to be miraculously healed.

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